Conversion Guide
To convert from imperial to metric, multiply the imperial unit by the factor.
To convert from metric to imperial, devide the metric unit by the factor.
For example, to convert 16 inches to millimetres. Multiply 16 inches by 25.4 equals 406.4 millimetres.
  Imperial Factor Matric  
  Cubic inches 16.387064 Cubic centimetres  
  Cubic inches 0.016387 Litres  
  Cubic Feet 0.0283168 Cubic Metres  
  Cubic Feet 28.316847 Litres  
  UK Pints 0.5682163 Litres  
  UK Quarts 1.1365225 Litres  
  Cubic Yards 0.7645549 Cubic Metres  
  UK Gallons 4.054609 Litres  
  UK Gallons 0.0045461 Cubic metres  
  UK Fluid Ounces 28.416063 Cubic centimetres  
  Grains 64.79891 Milligrams  
  Grains 0.323995 Metrics carats  
  Grains 0.064799 Grams  
  Ounces 28.349523 Grams  
  Ounces 0.0283495 Kilograms  
  Pounds 0.4535924 Kilograms  
  Stonces 6.3502932 Kilograms  
  Hundredweights 50.802345 Kilograms  
  Tons 1016.0469 Kilograms  
  Tons 1.01605 Metrics Tons  
  Kati 0.60479 Kilograms  


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