Origin of Thai Massage

Origin of Thai Traditional Massage

   "Komparaj," a friend and physician to the Buddha some 2,500 years ago is credited as the founder of Thai massage. This peculiar massage technique was passed from generation to generation through word of mouth. Medical texts mentioning detailed descriptions of Thai massage were recorded in Pali language on palm leaves. These writings became hallowed as religious texts and were kept in the ancient capital of Ayutthaya. In 1767, Burmese invaders laid waste to the ancient city and many of these historical texts were demolished. In 1832, King Rama III ensured that all surviving texts be preserved by having them carved in stone as descriptive epigraphs in a temple in Bangkok now popularly known as Wat Pho. There are 60 carved epigraphs all in all, 30 showing the front of the body and 30 showing the back. On these figures, therapy points are shown along the different energy lines referred to as Sen in Thai. These lines form the basic principle of Thai massage. Video presentation

   The Sen Lines - Basic Principle of Thai Massage 

   The basic principle of Thai massage lies on the concept of the invisible energy lines coursing through the body. Ten of these lines are very prominent in Thai massage, known in Thai as Sib Sen. If these points are being massaged, it is believed that diseases are cured and pain eradicated. This energy powers all the physical, mental and emotional processes which only functions properly when energy supply is matched by its demand. Consequently, any form of imbalance in the energy distribution causes pain and disease. When the system is working well and the energy is flowing properly, a person is free from any pain and is therefore relaxed, happy and full of life.

   In view of the above principle, Thai massage focuses on the 10 energy lines by applying proper pressure along these lines to allow the energy flow. The pressing and stretching of the muscles will make the lines receptive to the flow.

   The Benefits of Thai Massage 

   The aging process normally makes one stiff and lose flexibility. But if a person feels physically, mentally and emotionally fit the exact physical age does not manifest itself evidently. A young person can feel drained and exhuasted in the same manner that an old person can be energetic and active. Thai massage is unique in its ability to make a person alive and energetic regardless of age.

   Pain is a major contributor to man's unhappiness. And any level of pain is a sign of imbalance caused by too much or not enough of something. The body for example will experience pain when it has too much food or too much exercise. In the same manner, it will feel pain if no food is eaten or no exercise is taken. Emotionally, a person also feels pain when a desire is not met or if a person lacks the driving force to achieve anything.

   Man's goal for health is regarded as the quest to have balance in every facet of our lives. Rest and relaxation are wonderful ways to help calm the mind and body. This balancing process which we commonly call 'healing' can be achieved in our daily lives through different means. Thai massage has been known to be one of them. The sublime rhythmical ritual a Thai massage provides offers the body its need for movement and stretching while remaining in a relaxed state where it is very easy to let worry and desire melt away....read more Administering Thai Massage



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