Origin of Thai Massage

Origin of Thai Traditional Massage

   Administering Thai Massage 

   The techniques in Thai massage are designed to rid the body of pain. Feet, palms, thumbs, elbows and knees are all used to apply deep pressure along the Sen. Other techniques which applies twists and stretches resemble a kind of applied yoga. In all techniques, however, Thai massage is usually administered in an unhurried manner. More importantly, all movements must be rhythmical, flowing, harmonious and smooth.

   Anyone who has just begun to learn Thai massage must develop an empathy for other bodies. Every body is different from another. In so doing, a Thai massage service should vary from person to person. A masseur has to learn how to feel each person receiving the massage differently from the other. Stretching routine for some may be pleasant but for others who are less flexible, too much of it may be harmful. While one receiver may scream at a slightest thumb pressure, another might not feel the pressure at all. Thai massage in nature is 'hard', but it definitely should not be 'torture'. To know how a receiver is responding, the masseur should get a verbal confirmation on how the receiver is reacting towards the stretches and pressures applied on him.

   Thai massage begins with the receiver lying on his back and proceeds to each side being worked. Next, the receiver is worked on prone position with his face downwards and finishes in the sitting position. This routine always starts with the feet, which are subjected to various pressures, stretches and flexes.

   The Ideal Atmosphere for Thai Massage

To give or receive Thai massage, one should engage a partner - your spouse, a friend or any member of the family. Partners should be similar in weight as it is difficult for one to work on another who is heavier than oneself, specially when going through routines that involve lifting or standing on your partner.

   The atmosphere where Thai massage is done is equally important. As Thai massage is an intimate and warm experience, it is ideal to conduct the exercise in a warm, well-ventilated room, with subdued lighting. Although some find soft music relaxing, allow no disturbance or excessive noise. Since Thai massage is usually administered on the floor, a soft but firm mat or mattress together with a thin pillow should be used. There should also be enough space for the masseur to move around as he goes through the whole routine with the receiver...read more Preparing the Receiver for Thai Massage


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