Origin of Thai Massage

Origin of Thai Traditional Massage

   Preparing the Receiver for Thai Massage

   Comfort is an utmost consideration for the receiver of the Thai massage. As it is applied to a clothed body, it is ideal for the receiver's clothing be loose, thin, and be made of natural fabric. The receiver should also be barefoot.

   Before performing Thai massage to a person for the first time, it is important that the receiver's medical history is checked to discuss any present health problems. The masseur himself must clear his mind of any extraneous thoughts before making any physical contact with the receiver, so as to be fully centered on the receiver's needs. Take slow breath with controlled exhalation to relax oneself. Through out the routine the receiver himself should breathe normally.

   Duration of Thai Massage Treatment

   Thai massage can last from two to two and a half hours to go through the whole routine. However, it does not necessarily mean that it is less effective if there is less time available to administer it. Go through the routine section by section of the massage if there is not enough time for a full session. It is better to administer a proper Thai massage on some sections of the body than to go through the whole body in a hurried manner. Thai massage is essentially a relaxing exercise that is done with concentration and sensitivity....read more Contra - indications of Thai Massage

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